Meet Josh Waters

Senior Venue and Events Trainer
at Ivvy

“The Solution Engineer Course helped me to solidify my understanding that we were using WalkMe best practice for our bespoke solution.”
How did you become a DAP professional? What problems were in the company that led to the creation of the DAP role?

We offer a cloud based SaaS platform to the Hospitality Industry – As part of our on-boarding process for new customers, we build their venue in our software, and then provide one on one zoom and face to face training opportunities to ensure adoption of our product. As we began to scale globally, it became apparent that this one on one approach was not sustainable in the short term.

It was here that I began the journey of finding a solution to provide a simple, yet personable training solution that could help multiple customers at the same time, while being flexible enough to manage the bespoke nature of Hospitality. I came across WalkMe, and after a few demos and building out some concept ideas we were sold. Fast forward 3 months and COVID hit, and we found ourselves ahead of the curve and in a strategic position to deliver our product in a manner that was tailor made for a remote learning environment.

How is DAP used at your company?

We use DAP through WalkMe to:

  1. Update our customers on critical system updates. Previously we had a 3% engagement rate of emails being sent to users. Now we have 100% tracked visual awareness through Shoutouts, and a 60% engagement of interactive links.
  1. Onboard and retrain users returning to work post COVID. Using Smart Walkthrus and embedded Vimeo links, we offer a fully self paced option for users to learn our system and be guided as if an actual trainer was on the other end of the pop up balloons.
  1. On-boarding New Staff. Our Global Head Office is in Australia, and we have teams working across the globe. Traditionally we would fly new staff out to Australia, or send trainers overseas for extended periods of time. Once again, COVID stopped this approach, and WalkMe has been the perfect solution. Our ROI paid for Walkme within the first few new hires.
  1. Automate as many tasks as possible. Traditionally when we set up a new account, there is about an hour of manual labor to add default items to an account based on their needs. Thanks to WalkMe and around 380 auto steps, this 1 hour process now takes 10 minutes for a staff member to complete while they make a coffee.
“The certification course enabled me to be connected to other professionals who are facing identical problems with their own solution. The ability to collaborate and share brilliant solutions and ideas from other users, all under the guidance and supervision of WalkMe experts was invaluable.

Josh Waters

Senior Venue and Events Trainer
at Ivvy

What have been the greatest successes in implementation and DAP usage at your company?

Without a doubt it is the ability to show a customer exactly what to do, where they need to do it, and when they need to do it, while in their own environment.

The Walkme Analytics have proven that:

  • Support Calls are down, and we proactively update our support article keywords daily based on menu search results that show no result
  • Engagement of new feature releases is at an all time high
  • Marketing engagement has increased from 3% to 60%
  • Implementation time on average has decreased from 8 weeks to 3 weeks for smaller venues
  • Staff labor has been reduced from 1 hour to 10 mins on average for repetitive tasks

Most of all, we can now train multiple staff members at the same time.

What is your experience with the certification course in the Digital Adoption Institute? What motivated you to take the course?

I have a passion for learning, and I will always accept the opportunity to know as much as possible about a subject. I also have a saying that I want to help as many people as possible at the same time. WalkMe allowed me to realise this dream by leveraging my training skills and knowledge in a replicated environment.

The Solution Engineer Course helped me to solidify my understanding that we were using WalkMe best practice for our bespoke solution. It also, and I think this is the most important, connected me to other professionals who are facing identical problems with their own solution. The ability to collaborate and  share brilliant solutions and ideas from other users, all under the guidance and supervision of WalkMe experts was invaluable.

I have made professional connections due to this course, and I am proud to say that I have helped, and been helped to provide end users with better experiences in their software of choice. Like I said, I want to help as many people as possible, and this course made this a reality.

How has becoming certified DAP professional changed your professional trajectory? How it impacted your life?

My ideas for change are more respected now. The Digital Adoption Institute course will teach you that each solution needs to have a specific purpose, and have a ROI. I think more strategically now. Out of the thousands of ideas I used to have that I thought could help customers, there are very few that get published as I was creating problems that did not really exist. Now, I use the templates provided by WalkMe to map out exactly what the problem is, what the solutions can be, the required time to deliver the solution, and what the expected ROI is if the end user adopts the solution. We then carefully use the Analytics to back up and justify the solution. If it gets in the way of the natural workflow of a user and does not produce results, we pull the solution.

In terms of my life, it has literally kept food on my table and a roof over our head. The hospitality industry has been decimated due to COVID, and if not for WalkMe  and the solutions that I presented, I do not believe I would have a job in the current environment.

Being a solution to the Hospitality Industry, we are also in a unique position to track social and business gatherings, and hotel room night stays as COVID restrictions are either eased or enforced. Not only does this help with our own strategic planning, we capture valuable data on consumer confidence in returning to social group events of 20 guests or more.

What advice would you give someone looking to become a DAP certified professional and go through a certification in the Institute?
  1. Start Small. Create a solution that is not required and will not be used. This way you can confidently test your building skills to ensure what you are doing will work. This will also help when it comes time to track your user activity in Analytics. If you know the expected outcome, you can verify that your analytic methods work.
  1. Learn jQuery, learn jQuery, and then learn more jQuery. I went from knowing nothing to having in depth conversations with our developers purely because of WalkMe. Don’t be intimidated. If you learn any new skill, it should be this as it will pay amazing dividends.
  1. Be Creative. Once you publish your first item, you will soon learn that how you think users will engage vs how they actually engage are two different things. Try multiple approaches to the same problem and let the Analytics prove the results.
  1. Don’t annoy the customer. WalkMe in this course preaches that too much is too much, and that your solutions should be strategic, targeted, and allow the user freedom to use the system as intended.
Are you learning a lot on the job, how often are you enriching your DAP knowledge?

Daily. Our solutions change and adapt every day as we release new products, features and improvements. We actively track what help items users are searching for and provide them with exactly what they are looking for.

I also attend the WalkMe community forum daily to learn what other users are doing, and to offer assistance where I can.

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