About Digital
Adoption Institute

The Digital Adoption Institute (DAI) is a professional education organization and division of WalkMe Inc. that aims to enable digital adoption professionals and deliver immense value to its students and the companies where they work. Our goal is to train, certify, and engage individuals in the DAP marketplace now - as it is emerging and ripe with opportunity. Through online and in-person training, certifications, application and assessment we ensure the knowledge and skills gained at DAI will help build, lead, and deliver adoption projects as part of an organization's digital transformation journey.

Increase Employee Performance -
Maximize the Value of Digital Adoption

  • Build DAP Self-sufficiency
    Build DAP Self-sufficiency

    Reduce project cost and complication long-term by growing strategic skill sets internally

  • Reduce Time to Value
    Reduce Time to Value

    Accelerate digital adoption projects by reducing dependencies on external resources

  • The Enterprise Opportunity
    The Enterprise Opportunity

    Reap more value with a holistic view of digital adoption versus the departmental approach

  • Establish Authority
    Establish Authority

    Demonstrate that you are a qualified agent of change maximizing the impact of digital transformation

About WalkMe

About WalkMe

WalkMe maximizes and accelerates the impact of your digital transformation strategy by driving user adoption of your digital assets. Leverage WalkMe’s Digital Adoption Platform to constantly identify gaps and problem areas, and drive users to success, codelessly, and without changes to your underlying platforms.

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