Run Digital Adoption Programs

WalkMe Program Manager Certification

Runs the digital adoption program: creates the strategy, oversees the projects, and drives the governance.

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WalkMe Certified Program Managers Strategically Route the Path to DAP

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    Company Benefits

    Run your digital adoption program with qualified pros who can identify project success factors, apply best practices, and design strategies that make an impact on KPIs.

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    Individual Benefits

    Be an expert on measuring and communicating the value of DAP leading with data. Manage risks and lead programs using proven governance models while overseeing projects.

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    New DAP Powers You’ll Have

    Apply design thinking approaches to your DAP program, build a team that brings tangible value to the business, and deliver on your company’s digital transformation goals.

WalkMe Program Manager Certification

  • Level I

    Self-Paced Course Access and Certification Exam

    Foundational level certifications you’ll need to begin your career in digital adoption as a program manager.

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    Level II

    Coming soon!

    Advance your competencies, skills and knowledge with Level II certifications. Passing Level I is a prerequisite for access to Level II.